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BA from Columbia College in NYC. MD from Northwestern University in Chicago. Trained in Internal Medicine. Mom of two kids. Medical experience in research, teaching, and patient care. Interested in public health education and in correcting medical misinformation in the media. So, I am a Real Doctor with Real Talk about Real Health for Real Teens. Real Talk doesn't replace a conversation with your doctor, your parent, or another supportive adult in your life, but Real Talk with Dr. Offutt can be a place to get involved in your own health!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

ANONYMOUS Teen Health and Social Media Survey

3 minutes to take - and have your voice heard!

Drag the scroll bar down the side to keep the questions coming. Your voice will be heard and your interests will be addressed, acknowledged, and appreciated. Totally anonymous so you can be totally honest. In other words, your turn to give ME some Real Talk about Teen Health!!!!